Welcome to “AndreA’s Arts”

This site is to show my art, my paintings and drawings 😊

I started to paint and draw again by total luck, but that exceptional luck has given me the chance to find my inner self and explore different mediums to be creative again.

Some people may not think it luck, as what happened to me was very upsetting at the beginning. One day I was fine, and then over a period of four to five months my body started to stop working properly. I had an MRI scan and was referred to be seen by a Neurology Consultant who worked as a ‘Movement Disorder Specialist’. At my second appointment, after test results were back, and my consultant had watched videos of my movement problems, I was diagnosed. I was struck down with a very little known disorder, I had never heard of it, neither had my sister, even my Consultant knew very little about it. I was diagnosed with “Functional Movement Disorder”, a Neurological Disorder, where my brain had in a way broke! My body was no longer sending or receiving signals to or from my brain, to move properly anymore.

Though my life changed, in so many ways. Out of the darkness came light, and I found my love for art again. When I tried I was amazed to find that I could draw, and I could paint. Suddenly my hand just took over, and presented pictures in front of me. I find I am quiet eclectic in what I paint. Though one of my big passions is painting and drawing big cats, but I enjoy doing any type of picture.

Well that’s enough from me, I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I paint and draw more artworks over time.

Some of the artworks will be available for sale 😊

AndreA’s Arts